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For those of you who havent had the pleasure of hearing a ryan riback pumping electro house track or remix, this could be the beginning of something beautiful. Enter Ryan Riback, the freshest electro house producer to emerge from South Africa, and entertain the world. With beats that break and basslines that blow your mind, Ryan Riback’s unique style of production has been sort after by both Local and International Artists alike.

Remixing is where Ryan Riback is at his best… chopping, changing, cutting, pasting… taking the original track to another level of aural pleasure. International Artists that have been touched by Ryan Riback’s groove include: Funkerman (NE), Rob Le Pitch (SWE), Koolwah (UK), Adrian de Cleir (IE), Scott Orlans (US), DJ Sylvain (Slovenia), Tim Richards (New Zealand), Shay DT (Israel) and Elaine Suzy Scott (Scotland).

Ryan Riback the DJ:

Back in the summer of ‘97, a young ambitious chap set out to learn the art of djing. With time (and a very select box of records), Ryan Riback has developed a unique way of entertaining the masses. Using his keen crowd reading senses, Ryan has the ability to get any dancefloor moovin’ and groovin’ with his dirty and sexy electro house selection. Having been asked to play at Johannesburg superclubs Truth and Sutra, as well as playing regularly at clubs such as Tempos and Stonewater, there is no doubt that this guy means business. DJing has also seen Ryan travel from South Africa to Great Britian, Thailand and Australia, impressing the crowds with his musical madness.