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Ryan Morales

Miami Beach, United States

Progressive House, Trance

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Miami-based producer, re-mixer and DJ Ryan Morales energizes dance music fans from around the world with his High Energy Progressive House sets. Boasting a career spanning over 20 years, Ryan spins with the ease of a well-oiled machine while at the same time demonstrating his ability to read a crowd and infuse a room with energy. He was influenced by some of the biggest pioneers in new wave, electro, dance and electronica; artists such as Todd Terry, Hex Hector, Depeche Mode, Lime, Paul Oakenfold, and Keoki. Ryan’s sound is a blend of high-energy house with a touch of our favorite classic sounds of yester-year and a breath of electro energy that keeps you pumping.

Schooled in piano and percussion since the age of six, spinning seemed to be a natural extension of Ryan’s musical abilities. As a kid, he grew up around well-known local New York and New Jersey DJs, and by the age of twelve began spinning at school and town functions. Encouraged to continue because of his natural ability, he soon became a regular at New York nightclubs, becoming one of the youngest resident DJs in the city (LimeLight) by the age of sixteen. Time Out magazine (1995) considered him one of the top New York City DJs at the time.

Besides his two year stint at LimeLight, Ryan was a regular at other New York nightclubs such as Tunnel, Palladium, Octogon, Expo and China Club. At the same time, he got schooled in audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City. This education offered him the opportunity to hone his production skills while spending hours of studio time with artists including Wyclef Jean, Tracie Spencer, Jana, Dynamix, and more recently with vocalist and performer Tania Mashay.

Ryan’s production experience extends over the last 16 years and includes award winning remixes such as dance diva Jana’s “Found a Love” (2001), and radio favorites such as his Bon Jovi’s “Bad Name” remix (2004). He also extended his production abilities to a more serious avenue as a Sound Engineer at the Jazz Center New York.

Always looking for new ways to create music, Ryan prides himself with his ability to incorporate a variety of influences and evolving technologies into his work. More recently he has added the use of Native-Instrument’s Traktor DJ set up controlled by their Maschine Groove Box controller. This allows him to play four decs simultaneously for a better live mixing experience. These days, Ryan has been spending time in the studio working on a new album. He releases a monthly podcast which is downloaded by over 10,000 fans every month and you can also access his remixes through iTunes.

Here’s a bit more about Ryan…

As a DJ, he has played at some of America’s most famous events and venues including Ultra Music Festival (Miami), The Groove Cruise (Miami), Winter Music Conference (WMC Miami), Carnaval de Cali (Colombia), Cameo (Miami), Pawnshop (Miami), Crobar (NYC), Spirit (NYC), Exit (NYC), Sandbar USA (NJ), Studio 4 (NJ), Liquid (Miami), The Relyc (NJ), SandBar USA (NJ), Club Abyss (NJ), Columbus 72 (NYC), Porkys (NYC), The Grand (NYC), One (NYC), Aer (NYC), Anthonys (NJ), Supperclub (NJ), Carusos (NJ), StingRays (NJ), Element Lounge (NJ), Club Tribecca (NJ), Club Drama (NJ), The Warehouse (NJ), XTC (NJ), Liquid (WMC Miami), The Shelbourne (WMC Miami), Suite Lounge (Miami Beach), PawnShop Lounge (Miami), Cameo (Miami Beach), Aerobar (Miami Beach), Living Room (Ft Lauderdale), and many more.