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Ryan Davis

Berlin, Germany


*Back Home, Absolutive Records, Archipel
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RHYTHM makes me dance, FEELINGS make me fly and fall, TODAY is were i.m living, EVERYDAY influences me, FUTURE will come…MUSIC is my language

In 1983 Ryan Davis first saw the light of the world. At the age of 9 he started with classical guitar training to the age of 18. During these years he has experienced a fascination with anything that created an analog tone. Aged 21 he began spinning records and became a good Dj but quite soon he realized he had to start writing his own music.

The incentive for producing came from the common problem not be able to find the type of music he was seeking. It lacked on that certain something, so Ryan was inspired to express that special in his own music with lot of passion. He greatly enjoyed his professional classical guitar training which was helpful to reveal a sensible understanding for melody and harmony.

He tried to explore and invent new possibilities of novel songs and ideas by spending hours in the studio emerging an own innovative style. Ryan Davis is always looking for the unknown and unique. Right now Ryan is on a journey to the wide spaces of the sound world.

Ryan Davis..

.is Back Home and Klangwelt Labelchef // MUSICIAN

.has every second sunday in month >> *back home essentials on protonradio >>

.works with Traum, Manual, Archipel, Kompakt, Turbo, Gigolo, Parquet, Stereo Seven Plus, Absolutive, Proton Music, Bondage etc.

.and artists like Max Cooper, Jesse Somfay, Minilogue, Undo, Piemont, Electric Rescue aso.

.is heard and played by Max Cooper /Jesse Somfay /Moonbeam /Sasha /Umek /James Holden /Laurent Garnier /Ivan Smagghe /Miss Kittin & The Hacker /Phil Kieran /Depeche Mode /Paul Hazendonk and many more…