Top 25k on The DJ List

Ryan Brown

Los Angeles, United States

Breaks, House


The abbreviation RBDJ stands for a colossal of inner energy and aura. We could sit here and tell you how RB has been disc jockeying since the Pampers years, but this would be ludicrous and a farce. Let’s just say it how it is. This FOOL loves electronic music!

RB’s momentum flows different. Like the toilets that flush backwards in the southern hemisphere, his musical taste buds crave the five flavors. Sour, are the dark intelligent breaks that are inevitable. Spicy, is the encompassing electro beats know to catch the average listener off guard. Sweet is the flowing transitions that pour from the mixer at bay. Salty, are the tracks he selects and seasons to pure listening enjoyment. Bitter, is what he never is, and promotes against.

Inviting new horizons, opportunities, and friendships is what brought RB close to the magnetized wheels that spin. This is the basic foundation of RBDJ’s existence. “The illumination the red light cast on the platter at 33 rpm was a guide to my future”. RBDJ

Uncovering new ways to enjoy music seemed fitting to the classic mix tapes that flowed from RB’s bedroom in the late 80’s. Many before their time, are still enjoyed by many today worldwide.

Like many other early grade scholars in the world, RB was given the opportunity to grow through music by being invited to join the school band. Torn between Brass instruments and percussion, RB made a monumental choice that would later pave his way to dropping the 1’s and 2’s. His percussive nature and smooth ability to bust out para-diddle-diddles caught the eye of his music teacher, who later invited him to perform with the high school band while only in 6th grade. Becoming the lead Timpanist for many powerful tracks, such as Blue Ridge Overture, and 2001 Space Odyssey, RB had the honor of soloing pounding defined rolls that would crash like a Tsunamis on Santa Monica coastline.

Through musical evolution RBDJ insisted on keeping it real. Listening and playing a variety of tracks and artist that were deemed unknown, or underground at the time. Such artist as Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest, RBL Posse, Seagram, Early Smashing Pumpkins (Gish), NOFX, Poison Clan, and the all important WU TANG. Sure these artists are all documented now, but there will never be anything as tight as the WU TANG bootleg of 93, and those who brought it to you.

Forever searching the dark dungeons of music and trying to uncover the untold truth led RBDJ right to the gates of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory of 95 (Los Angeles Rave). Electronic music had been incorporated in his sets before, but nothing like this! Like a shaman looking to the heavens for an answer, RB entered through the doors of perception aka (acid) of Wonka wide eyed and open minded. This experience would take precedence, and RBDJ never looked back musically.

Knowing what life had in store seemed evident. However, RB’s passion for his country came first. Enrolling in the USAF in 1997 allowed RBDJ to spread his musical message to places that other wise is immune to the electronic sounds. Playing for fellow G.I.’s and natives of other countries seemed to be prime training ground for what the future had in store. His travels have taken him to some international hot spots and oasis around the globe. Places such as Panama, Spain, England, Turkey and the Azores Islands.

Integrity and excellence in all we do is RBDJ’s code of conduct in the studio. This has shown in his past and present productions. Stay tuned and informed of the world of RBDJ and his up and coming record releases, tour dates, and mixes through the official RBDJ website.