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Wormerveer, Netherlands

Hard Dance, Trance

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Ruben’s interest for music was present at young age. At his 12th he played classical guitar but he soon found out this wasn’t what he wanted. Thru high school he got to know a guy that played at birthday parties from time to time. He went along to those parties and mixed some tracks from now and then. This was all just top 40. Magik 2 by dj Tiesto was the first Trance cd Ruben heard and he felt in love with the beauty of this music genre. He got addicted and searched for parties where that music was played. This was also where he fell in love with Anja, who he had met earlier. The feelings where mutual and together they enjoyed the atmosphere and music at parties like Wildlife and the Tiesto solo’s.

In 2001 Ruben started to mix trance with the help of software on his computer. He came in contact with an internet radio station called Overdose radio. They asked him to do a live mix and this was his first public performance. At the point that he got more experienced he wanted the real thing and he got the old turntables of the same friend he did the school parties with. These were 2 months of frustration but with the help and support of Anja he continued and he succeeded. In the beginning of 2001 he bought Technics turntables. He could really grow at this point and the started. In the meanwhile the hunt for classic vinyl’s continued and this is how he and Anja came into Magik the store in Breda. This was DJ Tiesto’s record shop and Blackhole legends Cor Fijneman and Dazzle worked there as well.

Ruben asked Cor and dazzle that day to come and play for Overdose internet radio and they agreed. In March 2001 he played for the first time in a club in the eastern part of Holland and a week later he opened for the party he organized together with friends. Though he was so nervous no record actually got beat matched, the reactions where very nice. In the meanwhile Overdose radio stopped and he joined Deep Down Below, which later got separated and Ruben took over Deep Down Below. Guest set’s of Cor Fijneman and Dazzle kept coming and the station got more and more fame. After a while Ruben started Basicbeats together with Anja and some others of the old crew of Deep Down Below. Since then Basicbeats became world wide known and currently hosts shows of Scott Bond, Judge Jules, Matt Darey, Danjo & Rob Styles, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Eelke Kleijn, Perry O’Neil, Shmuel Flash and many others. Ruben’s show had guests like Cor Fijneman, Dazzle, Precision, Mesh and so on.

He got more live performances in the meanwhile. Cor Fijneman invited him 3 times to spin with him at his resident night at club Spock. Spock is the place where Tiesto started and where all the other Blackhole legends where born. It was a success. The story’s about Ruben reached Michal Lammers and he contacted Ruben to join his new to start agency, Steam Entertainment. He played at Dance Planet a few weeks after, next to DJ Jose and Cor Fijneman. In June 2002 he was contacted thru Basicbeats by people from Norway who booked them for a summer party in Norway, called Myth Summer Edition. He headlined there next to Lars Holte, famous for mixing In Trance We Trust. The audience loved his performance. Back in the Netherlands he performed again at Dance Planet, next to Misja Helsloot. The beginning of 2003 was very quiet, though he was invited a couple of times to spin at the radio show of Ton TB, Cor Fijneman and Dazzle, called Vinyl Visions. Another performance at The Spock was also a fact again, only this time together with DJ Dazzle.

In June he was asked to replace Rank 1 on a booking in Germany, Köthen. He headlined there the party called Universal Trance Night which was held at the Live Music Circus. In front of 2000 people he played a massive set that was very nice received by the audience. Back in Holland Ruben was booked for Dance Ministry together with Rank 1. After finishing his set he was surprised by the question of Piet Bervoet to finish the evening together with him back 2 back. This was another milestone for Ruben since he always loved the records Rank 1 made. The crowd really loved the combination and it was a great night. 2 weeks later another milestone knocked at his door. He was booked for Holland’s super club Xtralarge next to Johan Gielen. He opened that night and left a smashing impression. It resulted in more bookings at Xtralarge and since then he has played next to Katana, Spider, Precision, Astrid, Dazzle and The Freak to name a few. His reputation is growing as he always tries his best to entertain the audience and give them what they want. And he has just started…