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2010 has already been Rusty’s biggest year yet! One of his most popular tracks “Bear Grinder” was aired by Tha Funk Junkie at the Village Stage @ Shambhala. Rusty’s tracks “Cthulhu” – a filthy dubstep monster and collaboration with Dylan Kennedy – and his remix of Van Tek’s “Straight Muggin” were both “Featured Releases” on Beatport’s Dubstep homepage for almost 2 months combined.

Known for his peak-time energy, deep melodies, and dirty foot stompin’ beats that are never restricted to one genre… now a regular act at night clubs and music festivals around Western Canada.

2009 was also a big year for Rusty Meeks, landing a few gigs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the signing of his first major production to Atomic Zoo Recordings – a remix of Dirty Basement’s “Get Messy”. Other tracks such as “Sally the Hand Whistler” are already gaining huge support from DJs across western Canada.