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DJ Russ’ interest in electronic music began at an early age when a friend introduced him to the newest dance craze: breakdancing. Along with this dance came a type of music that influenced him for years to come. Looking for the best tracks to dance to Russ started collecting Herbie Hancock, Bomb The Bass, and Afrika Bambaataa to name a few. However after breakdancing became less popular these types of records seemed to become harder to find so Russ slowly lost interest. He started listening Alternative, Reggae, Hip Hop, and House but nothing really caught his ear until in 1993 a friend introduced him to the rave scene. During 1993 at one of these raves he saw Simply Jeff and DJ Dan play breakbeats and Russ knew this was the type of music for him. Later he met Jeff and found out that they both live in Orange County, CA and decided to meet up. Jeff showed Russ how to mix records and the ins and outs of djing and the two became the good friends. During early 1995 Russ along with his partner Hans started throwing underground raves in which breakbeats were showcased with Simply Jeff headlining with DJs such as Donald Glaude, Christopher Lawrence, and John Kelly. Russ and Hans threw these parties for several years until the rave scene got huge and people were not interested in the “underground” parties but rather the huge mega-events. During this time while Russ lived in LA in a 1600 sq. loft where Russ and his partner would have some of LA’s best private parties. So Russ would play at his raves and loft parties, and at various Los Angeles raves from 1995-2003. He has played along side the likes of: Uberzone, Simply Jeff, Taylor, RAW, Meat Katie, Elite Force, Reid Speed, Friendly, John Kelley, and more… Then during the end of 2002 Simply Jeff and DJ Russ decided to open DJ Culture in Costa Mesa, CA, now the #1 West Coast Breakbeat record store. Now DJ Russ is currently working on producing tracks, recording more mixed CDs and is a resident at DJ Culture’s monthly: Tsunami Breaks.