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The Producer

DJ Rulz is the first DJ/Producer from Bangalore, India to appear in the Funky House & Electro House charts globally. It all began in March 2008 when he started working on his own productions, with a year of hard work and continuous dedication on his production skills finally paid off with his first release “IM HOME WHERE YOU AT” in February 2009 by Hotfish Records, an international record label. The release causing quite a stir, changing everything around him, making him Bangalore’s first Dj/Producer to release his own compositions internationally which followed immediately with a very successful release of "TAKE ME TO PLACE I LOVE’ in May 2009, the post release results were great making it to Beatport Top 10 at 3. Kicking things off in his career, he began creating more of his own compositions leading him to capture five more record labels namely Lad Publishing & Records, D4dirty Records, Mediatron Records, Nosa Records And Catch33 Records from different parts of the world.

With the release of a slew of his tracks which has gained support from everyone, he is all set with a lineup of releases for the coming year. Not wasting any time, he has never stopped working towards making some great hits and parelally helping some artists from his hometown who are also his good friends namely Dj Kalypso, Dj Su aka CluberFunk, Dj Kay Mikado and Dj Nelz, by getting their tracks approved and signed through Lad Publishing And Records. Rulz also introduces Deep Dub the singer who became the first singer from Bangalore to get recognition internationally for house music. Dj Rulz’s tracks have been featured in live sets and radio podcasts of top DJs from around the world. This journey never ends as Rulz says “You never stop learning even after you have achieved something since perseverance is the only way to success”.

His productions are versatile, influenced by funky, deep and progressive house, with a touch of electro elements to keep up with today’s music trend. But the real goal is not to be specific about his genre but to spread his music to the masses.

The DJ

He began playing soul and rare groove cuts way back in 2001. After nearly a decade of DJ-ing in clubs in and around Asia, his experience with music and eagerness to satisfy his listeners has given him the knack to produce his own music mainly funky house, deep house, progressive house, electro house and also hip-hop. He began locally producing jingles, regional numbers, remixes and much more. DJ Rulz is one of the most prominent djs in India. Rulz’s sheer enthusiasm and showman’s talent for setting a musical mood saw queues wanting his music.

Currently dividing his time between his busy DJ schedule, own productions, remixing and DJ sets for radio podcasts has made him busier than ever but that does not stop him from putting up innovative live acts in collaboration with various other talented artists. His live acts are guaranteed to keep the crowd glued to the floor. His performance has no limits on creativity on the most up-to-date hardware such as the Torq Connectiv, Akai APC 40, Kore 2 and software’s like Ableton Live 8, Natiave Instruments Komplete 5.