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Lorenzo Nicolas Hernandez, known to his fans as DJ Ruin, is a musician by trade and by soul. His humble rhythm roots were planted at an early age as the drummer in a punk band called “The Contagious Freckles”. Always a fan of hip hop, Ruin decided to trade in his drums for a pair of turntables and a mixer after the band disbanded in 1997.

As Hip Hop and Dance music grew in popularity in the 1990’s so too did DJ Ruin’s affinity for DJing and turntablism. It wasn’t long before DJ Ruin formed his own crew known as DMS with whom he was the DJ. With the DMS crew he perfected scratching and displayed his incredible talent for improvisation and word play as a freestyle MC. Since then DJ Ruin has been the resident DJ at U.S. clubs on the East and West coasts and has been a guest DJ at clubs in China and Mexico. A Pasadena/Los Angeles native, DJ Ruin still plays local parties, public events, and clubs in Southern California and continues to impress crowds with his finely tuned mixing and scratching skills, no matter the setting. DJ Ruin is currently working on a new album with MC Deecypher and Nijal. He will contribute both his lyrics, as a MC, and also produce many of the tracks. The album, tentatively titled " The Third Triumvirate" is slated for release in mid 2007 on his Sin Queso Label.