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Ruff Draft

San Francisco, United States


(Brandon Ruffin), known as RuffDraft, in the post ambient, tech industrial era of music is an imposing, experimental producer from San Francisco, California. Musical blood ties to artist David Ruffin of the (Temptations) may explain the sometimes soulful play between harmony and discord in the collage like dissonance that is Ruffin’s music.

RuffDraft, with a firm foundation in Nu-Jazz, Soul, and Hip-Hop, released— (Golden Gates) (2012): A plutonian adventure of melodic chimes and space traffic, Draft bends ambiance music into Jazzy improvisation like sweet and sour, hard candy in tracks that follow lines that resemble hump-back arches.

In 2012 RuffDraft released his debut EP with (Grappa Frisbee Records) in 2012 and is currently working on a debut full length album.

A strong representative of the Oakland Electronic/Experimental scene, RuffDraft is a resident musician at several Bay Area electronic collectives and events such as San Francisco’s (RESONATE) and Oakland’s (JUICEBOX). Often refereed to as “Baby FlyLo” by those who nod there heads to the journey of his space jazz vibes—RuffDraft keeps it no secret that his sound is highly influenced by the instrumental magician of sound Flying Lotus. But make no mistakes about Ruff-Draft’s sound, though production influences such as Flying Lotus, J-Dilla, and MF Doom, can be heard in RuffDraft’s melodies, his compositions live in a space all of their own.

“Im so highly influenced by FlyLo, Dilla, Doom, Pete Rock, and so many other great producers that one of the more difficult things at times is really pulling back—getting space from the track, and making sure that the songs I write have a true identity of their own—I just make music that I would listen.”

RuffDraft has shared the stage with the likes of Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder), Odd Nosdam (Anticon), Dibia$e

(Brainfeeder), Eprom(Rwina), Inightful (Soulection) and many other notable and talented musicians. His live performances are blissfully intoxicating experiences that intertwine galactic tones and tribal patterns which provide a cadence for the soul.

Step into his dimension, breath in the atmosphere that shrouds his planet, let his melodies and spacey deep baselines fill your lungs, and prepare to be under the influence of his delightfully addictive sound.