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Born and raised in Chicago all his life, DJ Rude Boy held a residency in Cicero @ Another Round for 6 strong years. In 1997 He took time off to pursue a degree into his second love the art of design. Up to date, he is returning back to the club scene with the music he so much missed to prove he is a top notch DJ. In which he is known to be very devoted into the art of mixing and making high quality house music. His main goal is to get Chicago house music back into the level he remembered with the quest to surpass his passion for the art of mixing new and old Chicago house music. He now is concentrating on producing, promoting, mixing, marketing, and remixing just to get Chicago house music back into the scenes he so much loves. He always loves to see people having a good time dancing to the music he mixes and creates. Above all Dj Rude Boy also is a very experienced and a well modest DJ. So Chicago house heads and club kids be on the look out because this Rude Boy means business.