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Ruckus’ road in the underground has been long and winding. Coming from a family in Toronto, Ontario Canada where his Mother was an event promoter and Father was an aspiring DJ, it would seem that Dave Hylton (Ruckus) was some what rail-roaded into this industry. In 1987 Ruckus was handed his first Bad Boy Bill bootleg mix-tape and from that day forth, a new focus was achieved. By the fall of 1988, Ruckus began his plight; purchasing his first pair of Technics 1200’s and heading forth into the world of becoming a hip hop DJ. Like many up-and-coming DJ’s the first few years was spent playing high school events and house parties as his skills were honed.

In the fall 1992, Ruckus was given his first club appearance at ENERGY 108, a highly reputable and established nightclub in the greater Toronto area. This event which led to a short residency became one of many stepping stones in DJ Ruckus’ career. As a name was being made for himself in the Toronto area, the time for him to leave was quickly approaching.

In the fall of 1994, Ruckus moved to London, Ontario where he attended the University of Western Ontario becoming an Economics and Philosophy major. His strength behind the decks accompanied by a strong mic presence landed him his first major residency in London at the Nac nightclub; a 1500 person venue where he was able to shine up to four nights a week. That year Ruckus became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and began to build a fan base in the strongest Greek Fraternal system in the country. By his second year in London, Ruckus partnered with DJ Res (one of the hottest hip hop DJ’s in Canada – based out of London) to form RnR Productions. However, he set was still made up of 50% hip hop & RnB while the other half was concentrated on electronic music: this was not the passion that Ruckus wanted to follow.

After meeting Bad Boy Bill for the first time in 1996, Ruckus’ path was clear. It was time to follow his heart. Listening to the likes of Carl Cox, DJ Dan & Bad Boy Bill, Ruckus decided to take on the challenge of adapting their sound and evolving it to the next level by adding the aggressive, fast, and hard hitting style of play he had already mastered in the world of Hip-Hop. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Ruckus has become one of the most beloved DJ’s in the underground circuit. He has managed to build a fan base all over North America that goes out of its way to hear him at each event. From the minute he takes to the decks in any club, warehouse or other venue, the level of energy spikes. Whether it’s the screams and cheers from the crowd, the man himself on the Mic, the pounding beats, his impeccable programming or the cuts and scratches layering over them, it’s a hard hitting performance that is nothing short of explosive.

In 1999 John Acquaviva opened a nightclub in London, Ontario named Lush nightclub in which DJ Ruckus was the main resident. That year he joined Amir Kordehpaz’s RISE! Events Promotional company which at the time was one of Ontario’s most proficient underground enterprises. By joining RISE!, Ruckus took his career to the next level. He shared the same stage with the very DJs who have influenced him, and they spoke of him in the highest regard after hearing him play.

By the start of 2001, the company formerly known as RISE! Events had created so much attention for itself that Benson & Hedges Inc. sought its full-time managerial services. Ruckus took this opportunity to make his strong move into the United States. Having played some sparse events throughout the Mid-Western U.S. over the past couple of years, he decided to concentrate his efforts across the border to gain a larger American fan-base. Starting in the state of Ohio, Ruckus gained further and further exposure across the Mid-West and beyond. That spring, Jason Carpenter, Gilles Bernard and Ruckus started N.E.C. Productions in the city of London. The first event took place in March of 2001 named, “From Dusk till Dawn” and it featured DJ Micro as its headlining act. The success of this event led to many other one-off events and a highly respected weekly club night named “FULL FORCE FRIDAYS”; a night that continues on to this day.

By the start of 2002, N.E.C was running smoothly and Ruckus was ready to take to the road. After 5 successful mix CD’s and hundreds of shows playing next to the best in the World; it was time to expand and go on tour. Ruckus’ first promotional U.S. tour named “BIORHYTHM 2002/2003” kicked off in August 2002 in Chicago, then headed to Wisconsin, Southern Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts hitting over 30 cities along the way. After 8 months, Ruckus returned home with the tour being a huge success. Not only was he able to expand the range of his sound, but he also came back signed to 2 record labels (Phunked Up Records & Groove Junction Records) with his first release (a collaboration with Jes One) entitled, “Come With the Funk” with remixes on the flip by Josh the Funky One and Alex Peace. With this new passion for production placed on the table, Ruckus’ schedule has become even more hectic. But he always has the time to get behind the decks to do what he does best: and that’s move crowds. Ruckus’ raw talent, drive, determination, sincere love for the music and his fans are an unbeatable combination for continuous success. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Canada’s unstoppable king of hard house. Be on the lookout for the latest CD: Enter the Ruckus Room Volume 2 – Peak Hour coming this spring.