"Captivating", "Soulful", "Intelligently Creative", "Passionate"- these are just some of the words people have used to describe the sound of House DJ Ruben Mancias. For ... read more
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“Captivating”, “Soulful”, “Intelligently Creative”, “Passionate”- these are just some of the words people have used to describe the sound of House DJ Ruben Mancias.

For ten years, Ruben has mesmerized the hearts and souls of audiences from his home in San Francisco to Mexico City, New York, Hawaii, and Seattle. Ruben’s passion for House Music began through his years of exposure in the underground club and rave scene of the early nineties – San Francisco. Once exposed to the magic created by two turntables, Ruben was forever hooked.

His love for spinning and drive to share his newly found talent led him to his first set at the giant 1015 Folsom in 1992. This opportunity helped open the doors for this amazing young Dj. Shortly thereafter, Ruben landed guest spots at clubs Tilt, Corduroy City and Spundae, eventually landing residencies at the legendary parties Lift, Fag Fridays, PleasureDome, and the Sunday T-Dance at the EndUp. Having established a week full of residencies, he managed to find time to produce a radio mix show Nocturnal Transmission on Wild 107.7 (now Wild 94.9). He gained his independence as an underground personality then helped create the parties Breathe Deep and Anthem which served to motivate and inspire a new generation of club goers and House Music aficionados. His new project Devotion, is a testament to his love for this genre and passion for spreading the feeling of the music.

Today his musical talent continues to grow, earning respect of Djs throughout North America and Europe. Faith, The End Up, Fridays, Devotion, Liquid, and occasional guest spots at Club Universe are where he can be found today. RubenÕs creative drive has also led him into his current work in production. He spends countless hours in the production studio working on projects that will soon be released.

First and foremost Ruben is a Dj and music lover at heart who has mastered the art of mixing and moving a dance floor. Ruben always keeps the music fresh and in the moment while his roots of Garage, Deep House, and Club Classics, shine through. It is certain that Ruben Mancias will elevate and stimulate the energy and atmosphere of any event he is apart of. Promoters invest much faith in his talent because it is known that Ruben’s passion and energy will incite club goers wherever, whenever.

This is Ruben Mancias.


Ruben Mancias