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Royal Gigolos

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In September 2003 the DJ’s Mike Moore and Dj Tyson decided to produce a track together. Spending a beautiful late summer evening in the garden, the two spontaneously developed the idea of producing a house version of 60s’ classic “California Dreamin” by “the Mamas and the Papas”.

No sooner said than done – only 14 days later they met in the studio, sampled a part of the original and a house version was being produced.

In October the song was given to several DJ’s on CD-R for promotion. This is where the story of success for the “Royal Gigolos” begins. In short time, for the DJ’s who received a copy the song became the smash hit of the evening. Some of them even sold copies of the CD at a very high price to their colleagues. “California Dreamin” soon became a special tip within the DJ scene.

The two DJ’s immediately decided to legalize this version. After getting the consent from the publisher the search for singers began, who could maintain the level of “the Mamas and the Papas”. That search lasted a while, but in the end they found the right ones: vocalists Mel from Hamburg and Romeo from London completed the team perfectly. Moreover, female singer Mel brought musicians (guitar, bass and drums) to the studio. In January 2004 the official version of “California Dreamin” by the Royal Gigolos was finally produced.

Within the shortest amount of time this revised production skyrocketed to the pole position of nearly all German dance charts (e.g. ODC, GDP, DMC etc.). It became the most wanted deal at the music fair “MIDEM” in Cannes in late January. Not less than 11 companies of the UK showed their interest in the Royal Gigolos. In every single country of the world in which music is sold, a partner has been found in the meantime. This means, in fact, that already the debuting single by the Royal Gigolos is being released worldwide.

The first performance at ClubRotation caused a sensation as well: the Gigolos consisted of 8 persons on stage, which is very unusual for the “dance” genre. Besides the two DJ’s (keyboards and turntables) and the two singers there was a drummer, a bass player, a guitarist and only one dancer.

Surprisingly the news came up that “the Mamas and the Papas” liked the version of the Royal Gigolos so much that they offered to provide the original vocals. But meanwhile the team was so stable that the very flattering offer was declined, wanting to establish the present formation.

At present the Gigolos are working on their first album titled “Musique Deluxe”, which is due for release in the spring of 2004 and is to contain further singles. One can look forward to those singles with keen anticipation, as the Royal Gigolos will offer some surprises.