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Roy Cooper

Quito, Ecuador

Electro House, Progressive House

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All started when a friend of Roy Cooper hosted a school party.Roy learned to structure his own sessions.

Time on scene: 5 years.Presentations: in Argentina with Max Donato, who was his teacher.

Roy cooper was getting into the world of electronic music. He knew all genres, and now he has chosen one:‘house’.

Together with his friend raised his ear for good electronic sounds . “He had a good collection of CDs,” says DJ Roy Cooper. All his tracks and sounds permeated their senses.

Since then he met another of his standards in this style of music: Hector Ramos,considered one of the best DJ of Ecuador. "He has opened many concerts of electronic music to international Dj.

Roy Cooper infiltrated electronic music and decided that this would be his profession. So he took a plane and landed at the School of

Música de Buenos Aires (EMBA) in Argentina. There he learned the practical bases to build their own sessions. “I learned what it is each genre, its characteristics, the rates, times, waves , mixed with vinyl, CD …”.

But now, DJ Roy Cooper focuses on the ‘house music’ and all its derivatives. “It’s more rhythmic drumming sounds more or tribals, under …”. With this, the musician goes by Progressive, electro, minimal …

To learn more about electronic music, Roy worked at the Oceana nightclub and presented with Macondo Peruvian DJ Maisa Lozano.

In addition to music, Roy works with other friends, organizing electronic parties.

One of the things that motivates this young man is the desire to spread electronic music. Ecuador considers that the not many people recognize and know the genre of this music.

On his website is to download some sessions, lasting over 60 minutes. That also explains his style.