Roxx Beatport


This Carioca DJ has traveled the world and has lived in many amazing countries such as North Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Alaska, as well as several countries in Europe, such as Avignon in South of France. The diversity of all the places he has visited and resided in has exposed him to many forms of music and cultures. Being of Portuguese decent, percussion was in his blood and it was inedible for DJ Roxx’s sound and style not to heavily gear towards the Brazilian drums and beats. Combining his background with a taste of progressive and tribal house music, he developed a sound far from ordinary. His style is unique, uplifting and like nothing else that has hit the dance floors.

It is obvious that his eagerness and dedication in addition to his passion for music has given him a clear path to being one of the fastest up-and-coming DJs in the industry. His love for music began early in his childhood, he remembers when he was nine years old, writing his own music compositions and winning competitions for singing the songs. Through the years he was always involved with music in some form or another. It was when he lived in New York for two years, where his avid fascination for music exploded. Hearing Junior Vasquez every weekend at Twilo was what truly inspired DJ Roxx to want to play and create music forever. Moving to Miami was next for DJ Roxx, knowing that Miami was all about the music. The explosion that inspired him was re-sparked when he met one of his mentors, DJ EddieX, which was resident DJ at Pump at that time. DJ EddieX known for his famous Latin and morning beats, had a strong influence on

DJ Roxx’s sound. From this a strong friendship was built and along side that came a unique form and combination of beats that gave DJ Roxx a sound that made his music undeniably contagious.

Another strong influence from Miami was his close friend DJ JRNY. It was from him that he learned to creatively design and compose his own productions.

It was from none other than DJ/Producer Victor Calderone, he gained the knowledge to control the music, but most importantly the ability to take from a small crowd on a dance floor to a floor that can’t hold one more, into a musical journey that is masterfully orchestrated by the man behind the turntable.

DJ Roxx is grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to travel and first handedly experience some of the most talked about clubs in the world, and to have had the opportunity to have gain his knowledge from some of the most admired and talented names in the industry. His music continues to evolve and he continues to absorb all the techniques, formats, and styles and of course music that comes his way. His mission is nothing more than making sure music is part of everyone life.