Javier R. better known to Spanish music fans as DJ Rowy, was born in 1984. The future DJ Rowy’s first contact with the world of music was not headphones and turntables but the guitar, which he began learning at the tender age of 9. However, Javier/Rowy would soon leave the world of pop music behind and start to develop an interest in dance and electronic tunes.

Rowy began to devote an increasing amount of time and energy to music in his teens, buying himself a large amount of vinyl. At the age of 14, the young artist would start selling mixed CDs to all of his classmates, and evaluating their critics or approvals. While advancing at home and perfecting his technique, Rowy continued his work on the international dance scene. Indeed, he organized his own evenings in local clubs or houses, getting the dancefloor grooving to a mix of his hard trance and uplifting trance imports.

In May 2004 DJ Rowy turned his attention to his own career seriously once again. He started mixing in a recognized Barcelona€™s club, Future Art & Music where he was sponsored by the most veteran trance DJ of Spain, Pllo Future.

Towards the end of 2004, he won a DJ contest put on by Addictrance, a well-known website.

In 2005, the contest lead to opening with his mixes Illusion Club, in Madrid, collaborating also with Precision and Menno De Jong from Holland. And Shammu, Pllo Future and D-Mark from Spain. A few months later, he took part in two famous radio programs: First of all, as a result of winning the contest, Frequencies, directed by Giorgio Ponticelli and broadcast by Digitally Imported. Secondly, in World Trance Sets directed by Arcan DJ.

Nowadays, he continues making the best. More music! Always more trance and progressive music.