Top 25k on The DJ List

Rowan Blades

United Kingdom

Electro House

AKA: Breeder

Rowan Blades Beatport


Career Rowan Blades is best known as half of the massively successful Breeder. Breeder’ first two singles, ‘The Chain’ and ‘Twilo Thunder’, have sold in excess of 25,000 copies world-wide, having first come to prominence on Sasha’ near-legendary ‘Global Underground – San Francisco’ compilation. ‘Twilo Thunder’ has since gone on to achieve great commercial success with lucrative licences to compilations from the Ministry of Sound and Euphoria 2, which have sold over 500,000 copies between them. Breeder’ third, fourth and fifth tracks, ‘Tyrantanic’, ‘Rockstone’ and ‘New York FM’ have been showcased on Sasha and John Digweed’ last ‘Northern Exposure – Expeditions’ compilation, as well as on John Digweed’ ‘Global Underground – Hong Kong’. With over 20,000 pre-sales for Tyrantanic, things look set to continue in a similar vain to how they have started, and in doing so stamping out any doubt that they are a ‘one hit wonder’. This rapid rise to prominence has resulted in several high-profile remix projects. These include Tilt’ ‘Children’, Planet Perfecto’ classic ‘It’ Not Over Yet’, Brother Brown’ ‘Under the Water’, Orbital’ ‘Nothing Left’, and Evolution’ ‘Phoenix’. On the back of this success, Rowan has started a new project with Gaetan Schurrer, who has engineered for Sasha. With successful remixes of, Orbital’ ‘Nothing Left’ (FFRR), and of Space Manoeuvres ‘Stage One’, released on Hooj Choons, as featured on Sasha’ recent Global Underground, they seem to have established themselves without even releasing their first single.

Breeder’ success on Rowan’ own Rhythm Syndicate record label has boosted the label to a position of prominence within the dance music community. Rowan has since been able to sign four new tracks to Rhythm Syndicate for release next year, and has prospective mixes from the likes of Slacker, Tilt & Evolution to name a few. Add to this the status of Rhythm Syndicate Records as one of the top 10 independent dance music stores in the UK, helping compile Pete Tong’ Buzz Chart play-lists for Radio 1, and Rowan’ record empire is one of the most influential in the country.

Rowan’ DJ-ing career has taken him all over the world. Having played in Britain for gigs like Bedrock & Gatecrasher the success of Breeder has enabled him to elevate himself onto an international stage. Breeder is currently the biggest selling non-pop dance act in Norway, Rowan has played there with great success, as well as in Sweden, and at a gig for 14,000 ravers in Copenhagen. The burgeoning American demand for dance music has seen Rowan play at the legendary Shadow Lounge in Miami, as well as boat parties on the Hudson. The nascent Chinese scene has seen Rowan playing at The Face in Canton, attracting only 100 people less than Paul Oakenfold! Most recently, Rowan taken his Rhythm Syndicate record label and the Breeder name to Hong Kong as the main attraction of a huge gig for Clubstar Entertainment’. He has also establish a monthly residency in Moscow for Club Xlll. Closer to home, Rowan has a bi monthly with Union @ Space in Leeds. He also still maintains his monthly residency with More Tea Vicar, the Cambridge organisation for whom he has played with Sasha, Carl Cox and Danny Howells, as well as the annual Strawberry Fayre festival, at which Rowan played last year to 20,000 people.