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ROTRIX it’s a israeli band of psychedelic

Trance by Daniel Atia & Guy Kahlon,

They started the way together in year 2003 under the names

Sarix & Roldom, in year 2009 they are released

The debut album “Days Of Power” In the label Psycore Records,

They opened the band Rotrix in january 2010,

In october they are released the second album together and the debut album

Under Rotrix “Science Machine” in same british label psycore records,

and they are opened a remix competition

To this album and in this remix-competition participated many artists

And djs around the world, after two albums together,

This guys started their gigs, and their fans just growing in around the world:

Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Serbia,

Croatia, India, Germany, Spain, Netherland, Iran, United States,

United Kingdom, Portugal, Russia and many more countries…