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Rory Mc Cart

United Kingdom

Hard Dance

D'Amour Recordings
Rory Mc Cart Beatport


As a professionally – minded DJ, Rory considers himself to be organized, well motivated and reliable. His devotion to trance music naturally evolved into DJing, which he has been doing since May 2000. Rory’s music style is mainly hard trance and hardstyle, but with elements of funky and acid techno incorporated into his sets. He is able to play a mixture of funky / acid techno warm up sets or blinding hard trance / hardstyle sets, depending on the crowd and the music policy of the venue. He takes his DJing career very seriously and treat it in an enthusiastic and energetic manner, and feels he has the experience and ambition to succeed. Rory presents himself very well, as he thinks this is very important in being taken seriously. His main DJing influences are Claudio Pettinance (SHOKK), Daniel Heinzer (Flutlicht) and Samuel Skrbinsek (The Gladheadz).

Rory has previously promoted and DJ’d at his own events, Beach and Bleach, in Sheffield. To promote these events, he distributed his own personally designed flyers and posters around Sheffield, and e-flyered too. His events were announced on, the university’s own station, and Rory was interviewed on the station on Tues Feb 17th, followed by playing a live hard trance set.

Beach, on the 1st and 4th Thursday of the month in The HUB, and between 19:00 – 23:00, was a mixture of funky house and breakbeat.

Bleach, on the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month in The HUB, and between 19:00 – 23:00, was a mixture of funky techno and hard trance.

Rory was made a resident DJ at Energy, a trance event at .Zero in Sheffield. He played hard trance and hardstyle, and his mind blowing ending sets went down a storm.

Since playing a blinding hardstyle / acid techno set in May at Cypher in Leeds, and then again in June, he has been made resident and booked at their forthcoming parties later in the year.

Rory is on the WILD DJ vinyl mailing list, found at, which sends him a mixture of funky house and hard trance to play out, then requests him to give feedback on them.

He is also being taken onto the DJ database to DJ at hard dance events using the brand name.

Rory has a well presented collection of demo cds, entitled Rory Mccart presents the tektrance sessions, and uses them to promote himself at Beach, Bleach and Energy, and to give to promoters and agencies. These are a mixture of hard trance, hardstyle and techno. All are personally designed and labeled with artist / track listings and personal contact details.