Top 25k on The DJ List

Ronnie Doorzon

Middelburg, Netherlands

House, Tech House


Ever since Ronnie was 11 years old, he already went with his elder brother to do some drive-in shows. In 1990, when he was 16 years old, his parents started a light and sound rental company. At this time Ronnie also started doing drive-in shows himself.

In 1993 Ronnie opened up his own record shop within his parents’ company en then started with the real DJ’ing. From that moment he played every once and a while at parties until a new club, club Fix, opened up in 1996. There he became the resident DJ till 1997.

From 1998 till mid 2001 he had 2 resident clubs: Studio le Bateau in Rotterdam (underneath the Hilton) and the famous Parkzicht on Tour parties. Especially le Bateau was well known in that time with the old Parkzicht audience. In 2 and a ½ years time Ronnie played different house styles as club, trance and oldschool. He also started to get familiar with the English progressive music, which appeared to be the music he favors the most.

From 2000 till beginning of 2002, he played as a resident in the Nighttrain in Middelburg. Ronnie stopped performing at the Nighttrain because they wanted a music style he doesn’t play.

After that he performed as guest DJ at several parties, because he didn’t have a residency anymore. In October 2003 a great opportunity aroused; He could perform at after parties, called Afterbeats, in Rotterdam. He became the resident there because of his record choice and his phenomenal mixing skills. Here he can play the music he really likes: progressive, deephouse, techhouse and club.