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Ronald Van Norden

Minimal, Techno

Eminor Records, Flat Belly Recordings, Kaseta Music
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Producer/Label owner Tracer Records.

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[email protected]

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[email protected]

Ronald van Norden is not only a producer but also a talented live perfomer. After some great live gigs he descided to spend more time in the studio to concentrate on his first EP. His first EP named “Minimal Fuel EP” signed by Tanzbar digital is a great success. “Minimal Fuel” reached 14th place in the Top 100 Minimal on Beatport. (the biggest digital music distributor).

After his debut EP he signed on Kaseta Music for his second EP “How Much EP”. This release was featured on Beatport and again this EP is a great success. “Minimalistic Frequencies” from this EP reached 54th place in the Top 100 Minimal Beatport. After these successes he decided to produce his true love in music: Techno. He signed on Eminor for his first Techno Vinyl release “Foolproof / Get up” The following was a second Techno vinyl release “Toy Finger EP” with remixes by Lars Wickinger and Dema & Paride Saraceni, signed on Tanzbar Musik. So far he released on the following labels : Tracer Records, Bosphorus Underground, Flat Belly Recordings, Tanzbar (Vinyl), Eminor (Vinyl), Freitag Limited and Killing Machine Records and more.

More releases coming up soon on Tracer Records, Herzschlag Recordings (vinyl and digital), Freitag Limited and Relogical. Further he just played Live on the biggest electronic dance festival of the world: Amsterdam Dance Event, Most recently he is been booked to play Live in Mexico on 9 December 2011. Also he is the owner of Tracer Records and Tight Lipped Recordings and the CEO of Tracer Distribution.