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Ronald Van Gelderen

Rotterdam, Netherlands

House, Trance

AKA: Electrobics, Formologic, Kid Vicious, N Fluence, Van Gelderen

Cloud 9 Dance, High Contrast Recordings, ID&T
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Playing all around the world makes this ‘Dirty Rocker’ one of the established DJs of this moment. Countries like UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Tunisia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Canada, Spain, USA and many more are already known with this professional freak entertainer. Ronald van Gelderen is a standout DJ/ producer in every respect. He’s signed to the High Contrast label of Be Yourself Music in Holland where he released massive singles and remixes of late such as the ‘Realize’, ‘This Way’ and ‘Dirty Rocker’ anthems. Add this in-demand sound to Ronald’s distinctive dark Rock and Raw image, commanding stage presence and crowd hyping DJ sets, and the Ronald van Gelderen package is complete… he is here to keep you Rocking!

As a DJ, Ronald van Gelderen is stamping his mark on global club land, slamming big European festivals like Trance Energy, Dance Valley, Dancetination and Sunrise and touring as far as China, Australia, USA and Canada in recent months. Leading promoters are also fast taking to the Ronald van Gelderen sound and style, with bookings at the biggest clubs around the globe he’s DJ diary is fully booked every weekend.

As a producer, Ronald van Gelderen is very much cutting out his own sound in the global market place. His style is electro, tech, rock and trance all rolled into one phat soundtrack. But best of all is that as well as tweaking the studio controls, Ronald also writes and performs all the vocals himself – he’s even performing with exclusive LIVE sets.

Since 1997 Ronald van Gelderen first left his mark as a producer under the famous Kid Vicious alter ego. He released the massive club hits ‘Re-Form’, ‘Pants Down Spanking’ and ‘Contagious’ and went onto co-produce with Tiesto, penning ‘Urban Train’ and ‘Suburban Train’ before finally getting behind his own name, releasing the big hits ‘Proceed’ and ‘Sustain’ on Tsunami, ‘Cold Storage’ on ID&T and remixing ‘Carte Blanche’ on Positiva and Dogzilla ‘Without You’ on Nebula to huge critical acclaim in recent years. Ronald now appears to have found his groove at the High Contrast label of Be Yourself Music and where he’s just scored three big hits in a row; ‘F!lth’, ‘This Way’ and ‘Realize’.

The Freak Dirty Rocker is most certainly making a RAW appearance with his latest release ‘Dirty Rocker’. Driving beats, nasty synths and a deadly catchy vocal, this is some hot property to say the least. Dirty Rocker will be released at November 16th 2007 and already before release the headquarters of Be Yourself Music received loads of requests when this would see the light of day. That shows there is defiantly something going on with this record. It already got dance floors singing along when played out by the Dirty Rocker RvG himself. Dirty Rocker has full support by big boys like: Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Judge Jules, Marcel Woods, Eddy Halliwel and Rank 1.


High Contrast (Be Yourself Music)

Ronald van Gelderen: ‘F!LTH’, ‘This Way’, ‘Realize’ and ‘Dirty Rocker’.

Tsunami (Purple Eye Entertainment)

Kid Vicious: ‘Paraphrase’, ‘Re-Form’, ‘Pants Down Spanking’ and ‘Contagious’.

Van Gelderen: ‘Konga’, ‘Aftershock’,

Electrobics: ‘Phonetic’, ‘Indecisive’ and ‘Look Who’ Stalking’.

Ronald van Gelderen: ‘Proceed’, ‘Sustain’ and ‘Crying Out’.

Black Hole

Tiesto: ‘Urban Train’ and ‘Suburban Train’


Dogzilla ‘Without You’, Terry Ferminal ‘Nymph’, Richard Durand ‘Slipping Away’, Wu Bai ‘Smat’, Birgit Schuurman ‘Everybody Wants’, Desiderio ‘Starlight’, Rapid Eye ‘Stealin Beauty’, Veracocha ‘Carte Blanche’, Lasgo ‘Surrender’, 2HD ‘Sunflakes’, QED ‘Hardly a Day’, Ferry Corsten ‘Punk’, Vac-scene ‘My Emotions’, Dream ‘Out Time’, Comanova ‘Whishful Thinking’, Medicine Man ‘Electric Voodoo’, Caveman ‘E-play’, Lawrence & Danghue ‘Around The Corner of Life’, Leny Fontana & Dj Shorty ‘Chocolate Sensation’, D-Flex ‘Silence of the Moon’, Cryo Culture ‘Trancefusion’, Libra Pres. Taylor ‘Calling Your Name’, Apperception ‘Manjaro’, Quote ‘Outstanding’.


‘Impulz mixed by Ronald van Gelderen’, ‘Tsunami II’ and ‘Trance Energy 2006’.


Trance Energy (NL), Impulz (NL), Dancevalley (NL), Extrema Outdoor (NL), Tomorrowland (BE), Gigadance (NL), Dancetour (NL), Decibel Outdoor (NL), Beachpop (NL), Strike One (NL), Worldleague (DE), Summercity (PL), Dancetination (PL), God’skitchen event (RUS), Megaplek (SP), Lloret outdoor dance festival (SP).


Roxy (USA), Glow (USA), Mayan Theatre (USA), Code(JP), Pyramid(JP), Zouk(MY), Ministry of Sound(MY), Ministry of Sound(SG), Guvnerment(CA), Luce(CA), Dagobert(CA), The Whiskey(CA), Escape(CA), Surface(CA), Pharao’s Nightclub(CA), Aria(CA), The Arches(UK), Mint(UK), Passion(UK), God’s Kitchen(UK), Honeyclub(UK), Escape(UK), Dance Academy(UK), Turnmills(UK), Digital(UK), Coach(UK), Slinky(UK), Time Flies(UK), The Syndicate(UK), Slide(UK), Wildchild(UK), Foundation(UK), The Gallery(UK), Eden(SP), Amnesia(SP), Fabric(SP), QBH, Cryal Castle(AUS), Heaven(AUS), Home(AUS), Belmont Raceway(AUS), Platinum Dance Club(AUS), The Family(AUS), St. James(NZ), The Mansion(NZ), Metropolis(PL), Protector(PL),

Matrixx(NL), Nightlife(NL), Asta(NL), Happy Dayz(NL), Marcanti(NL), Bobs Saloon(NL), Escape(NL), The Palace(NL), Area 51(NL), The Powerzone(NL), Hemkade(NL), Brothers(NL), FFWD, Tropicana(NL), The Level(NL), Dance Planet(NL), Pacha(NL), Lexion(NL), Time out(NL), 013(NL), Outland(NL), Thalia Lounge(NL), Nighttown(NL),

Illusion(BE), Worldcenter(DE), Heishouse(DE), Venue(GR), Kritti vibes(GR), Pacha(IL), The Dome( IL), Kupferschmiede(CH), Sonic(CH), Madd(CH), Mondaybar(SE), Calypso(TN), Le Dijon(TN).