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Ron Vellow

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Electro House, House

Bazooka, SDC Records
Ron Vellow Beatport



Ron Vellow (Ronnie Sweep, 1983)

With great technique and a great feel for music, Ron Vellow has made an uprising in today’s house scene bringing a great mix of electronic and Latin house and shaping it into a great piece of swinging art. From the wet and gray city of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, Ron Vellow brings some sunshine into people’s minds, pumping beats together with swinging samples. Whenever Ron Vellow is making the scene, all worries disappear!

Ron Vellow started spinning records at the age of 15, experimenting with different techniques in performing and producing music. At around the age of 21, Ron Vellow has performed in Kampen, Zwolle and more on a regular basis. After moving to Leeuwarden, Ron Vellow put more attention to producing music and creating his own personal style. He signed up with the label SDC (Steff Da Campo) and the record company Offshore Dance in 2008 and has joined up to perform during Steff da Campo’s ‘Candy Club’, which has had great parties all over the Netherlands, including Leeuwarden’s no. 1 club Noa.

During his production phase, Ron Vellow produced records like ‘Read The Fucking Manual’ and ‘La Tortura’. Ron Vellow teamed up with Steff da Campo for ‘Come Back And Stay’. He has also produced remixes for Spencer & Hill – Shy Boy, Yeah Yeah Yeah, DJ Jean (‘Play That Beat’), Cuzco (’Rockin’’) and Klubbheads (‘Turn Up The Bass 2010’). Some of his tracks have been given airtime on multiple radios in the Netherlands, like Radio 538 and Slam FM.

In 2010 a brand new CD was released mixed and compiled by Steff da Campo & Ron Vellow. The Candy Club compilation was named after the Candy Club concept party.

In the future, Ron Vellow is planning to do more live performances. He also plans to work together with different types of musicians to produce more exciting tracks. He wants to combine his own style with the sounds of violin, guitar, saxophone and more.

Ron Vellow is an easy going and down to earth guy and is a great addition to every DJ line-up. He brings quality and experience to the plate and can make every crowd go wild.