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Ron Sarweh aka as Producer/DJ Ronstar is a multi-cultured and multi-talented artist. producing progressive house music in a style that is hard and head bop-y. His DJing style has a finesse and smoothness to the point where you can’t tell when one song ends and the next one begins. Dj Ronstar is highly creative when producing music. He has an upper hand when it comes to music production due to his music knowledge and talent with international rhythms and drums. From an early age and (coming from a musical family), DJ Ronstar was introduced by his father to the “Tabla” which is an Arabic drum used in Arab music.

DJ Ronstar started performing in concerts with his father since he was 6 years old, unbelievable right? But it’s true. In his teens DJ Ronstar grew fond of dance music and dedicated his time to DJ’ing, which came to him naturally due to his musical ear and background. When listening to his music you will find a mixture of beats and rhythms which combine his musical history and talent.

As a producer DJ Ronstar in Dec 2008 gets his remix of Paul James “Runaway” released by Beat Monkey Records. The song includes vocals by the lovely and most talented Michele McCain. Currently, he is finalizing his new remix of Paul James “Space Odyssey” which includes vocals by the young and talented pop signer “Rosey”.

DJ Ronstar is kick starting 2010 by collaborating with numerous amazing artists including working on his own original production, so keep your eyes and ears open to the sound he will be bringing you this 2010.