Romina Cohn Beatport


As a sort of premonition, Romina Cohn’s history in connection with music is filled with childhood anecdotes. Already at 11, she spent hours playing with a couple of Technics turntables his DJ uncle had bought and, apart from a vinyl collection, left her as a legacy the interest for records, new sounds and technical resources. Maybe these coincidences on top of her convictions were responsible for her, with only 20 years old, to burst into the competitive (and mostly male-based) Buenos Aires electronic music scene.

From Techno and House to the industrial and almost Punk side which marked her first performances, Romina got to enrich her sets to the point of turning them unpredictable genre-wise. Not friends with being labelled into a style, she’s one of the DJs who permanently surprises the audience, even mixing dance and rock: one of her devotions. With this musical trade-mark, on top of a personality of unique charisma, her career found, since the residency she got at the disappeared club Morocco, a turn so unexpected as well deserved. It was there where the German DJ Hell saw her for the first time, became familiar with her productions and told her: You have to be a Gigoletta now, hiring her quickly as a new artist of his label, Gigolo Records.

The international projection began, then, to happen through tours around the US and Europe that not only took her to the main clubs of the old continent but also to renown prestigious festivals (Sónar, Winter Music Conference, Love Parade, Mayday, Benicassim, Creamfields Argentina) and also to share the booth with artists of the size of Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Howie B, Funk D’Void, Aphex Twin, to quote a few.

So dedicated to her DJ performance as well as to her producer side, along her career she has released in the global market her singles Angel and Non Stop, besides taking part in several compilation with her tracks. Also, many remixes came out from her studio work which brought the local rock fever to the dance-floor (the tracks for Babasónicos and Ratones Paranoicos serve as good examples). However, her tireless artistic search is not restricted to music. As a break-through film-maker, from her work as a producer and director it stands out the short film Kill, starring the musician Ricardo Mollo, leader of the band Divididos.

Since 2002, Romina Cohn performs monthly at Clubland ([email protected] Buenos Aires). Also, she can be found behind the decks of smaller clubs in town as Kika (Buenos Aires) her she has a residency on Fridays. Moreover, she reaches a more diverse audience through her section Late Night on Metrodance 95.1 FM.