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Romeo Reyes

San Francisco, United States

Open Format

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DJ Romeo Reyes is one of the most sought-after DJs in Northern California and is rapidly gaining national acclaim for his ability to play an open format of music. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Romeo first discovered his love for the turntables when he was sixteen years old. Since then, DJ Romeo has worked tirelessly to master his craft and has acquired an expertise in the art of deejaying that can only be achieved by a DJ with true passion for and commitment to his trade.

At DJ Romeo’s very first event, his performance fell short of the crowds, and his own, expectations. Rather than becoming discouraged, DJ Romeo viewed the event as a learning experience and devoted his time and energy to refining his style. Today, highly respected by his peers for his versatility and ingenuity, DJ Romeo is guaranteed to rock any party with his exceptional programming and impressive technical skills.

What distinguishes DJ Romeo from other DJs is his presence and capacity to energize any audience, regardless of the venue or demographics. These attributes have elevated DJ Romeo’s status from talented DJ to accomplished entertainer whose gigs are highly anticipated by supporters and widely publicized by promoters and nightclub owners alike. In addition to playing at nightclubs and other events, DJ Romeo hosted a weekly lifestyle television show called “Built From Skratch,” which is broadcasted nationally on the MYX channel. DJ Romeo has also appeared on MTV’s “I’m From Rolling Stone,” and on WB Channel 20’s “Distortion 2 Static.”

Aside from television, DJ Romeo was a DJ and an on-air jock on San Francisco’s WILD 94.9 and SIRIUS Satellite Radio. His dynamic mixes can still be heard on 102.5 KDON in Salinas, California every Saturday night.

In 2005, DJ Romeo was among one of the first 20 DJs selected to become an “Official MySpace DJ,” along with heavy-hitters DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Q-Bert, and DJ AM. Shortly thereafter, DJ Romeo joined rap artist 50 Cent and DJ Whookid in forming a DJ crew called the “ShadyVille DJs,” which is an elite crew comprised of the nation’s top 25 DJs.

DJ Romeo has played at nightclubs in major metropolitan cities across the United States, including Las Vegas, Nevada; Hollywood, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; San Diego, California and Charlotte, North Carolina. DJ Romeo is also frequently invited to play and tour at events all over the world, including Vancouver, BC Canada; Puerto Rico; the Bahamas; Dominican Republic; Taipei, Taiwan and the Philippines.