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Detroit, United States

Electro House

Delsin Records
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DJ Rolando is one of Underground Resistance’s latest recruit. Originally from Detroit’s Mexicantown, a southwest district of the Motor City, Rolando began his DJing careeer by spinning Hip-Hop and Freestyle records at local gigs. Freestyle is a latin influenced type of electro that is very popular on various Latin scenes including Miami’s and New York’s – it is however distinct from the notorious Bass genre or the Chicago Ghetto music favored by artists such as DJ Funk.

After a while, Rolando looked for new sounds to distill through his mixes and began to include Techno records in his sets. This finally lead him him to being picked up by Techno supremo Mad Mike. Now full part of the Underground Resistance roster, Rolando has distinguished himself with the release of a brilliant mixed CD : The Aztec Mystic.

In the very tradition of UR artists, Rolando then adopted the aka of The Aztec Mystic for the subsequent release of his instant classic Knights of The Jaguar. The immediate success of the track ended on a bitter note when corporate behemoths Sony and BMG decided to issue a " tone by tone" trance remake of the track without any authorisation from UR / Submerge.

Though the battle against Sony has been won thanks to the support of the community of UR fans and other major Detroit players such as Terrence Parker or the 430 West crew, BMG has reportedly released the bootleg under the name of E-Type and seems to carry out its plans of exploiting the anthemic quality of the original in the most cheesy possible way ( Inclusion of Trance beats, awkward and repetitive allusions to ecstasy and so on ).

So far, Detroit has responded with constant reissues of the track along with various remixes from the likes of Jeff Mills, Mad Mike and Derrick May.

Even though it must be dreadful to begin one’s recording career with such a setback, Roalndo has already won the support of true electronic music fans by producing a classic anthem that has drawn many a listenner to the UR sound.