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Rolando Hodar

Phoenix, United States

Tech House, Techno

Aerotek Recordings
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DJ | Producer | Label Owner | Aerotek-Recordings | Techno, Tech-House, Deep Everything, Nu Disco/Garage, Minimal, Electronica, NY Classics

Booking Inquires: [email protected]

Aerotekno Sessions on Fnoob Techno Radio – Every 4 weeks on Saturday 16:00-17:00 GMT (UK Time) (9am Arizona Time)

Affiliations: T3CHNO POOL, Fnoob Techno Radio (UK), Pet Project/Friction Free (Denver), P.U.N.C.H.I.S. (Denver), RBDeep, Sky Dweller, Wonderland Productions (Down The Rabbit Hole)

♫♪♫Ayo party people, you know we’ve made it through some hard times. If it wasn’t for the music I don’t know what we’d do. You know the music stepped in and saved my life. I gotta thank God for the music! We gotta spread this message to the party people all over the world. ♫♪♫

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

Rolando Hodar was born on May 15th, 1983 in Valparaiso, Chile and came to the states at the age of 6, and was raised in upper suburbs of New York. During his childhood living in NY, he was fortunate enough to have witnessed the Jonathan Peters Sound Factory & Boris/Victor Calderone Crobar eras among other unforgettable nights at Cielo, Sullivan Room and Asseteria Sundays that has forever been embedded in his memory for the love of music that he pursues today. First house track that that Rolando fell in love with, that started it all was a remix of Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence one night in Sound Factory NYC, and from there it was all history.

His taste, influence and knowledge in music has evolved from his early childhood, listening to heavy metal/Alternative music (Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, Nine Inch Nails) and transitioned over to 90’s hip hop (back when he believes it was real hip hop) (Mobb Deep, Nas, Capone-N-Noreaga, The Lox) to now my heart, passion and motivation, techno and house. Either by djing or producing music, Rolando believes that music is to be the best form of expression.

To him, what sets apart a “great” DJ from an “average” DJ, in a very oversaturated industry is having the ability to set himself apart from the rest and create his own style/sound that expresses who he is as an individual. Rolando always strives to be unique, prides himself on it, and provides a different feel for the music, not necessarily following the trend that most artists tend to shift to. “To influence people’s emotions through music is a powerful thing and by being able to provide my personal taste and knowledge in that, it’s very rewarding to me” He claims. Rolando plays all various types of styles/genres within the underground dance music as he grew up listening to the New York vocal diva house and progressive house, to now having evolved to the more mature/forward thinking sounds of Techno and Tech-house, which translate into his sets and productions. Currently residing in Arizona, Rolando continues to move forward in progressing his sound by starting his label Aerotek Recordings and continues on moving dancefloors across the country.

6 o clock in the mornin’. heh.

get outta bed,

take a swig off that bottle of vodka i tried to finish off this mornin’ man.

i was pissed as a fart.

yeah so what did i do, chucked the bitch out from the night before dint I?

open the door, i forgot to take a shower but it don’t matter anyway.

i love that smell of sex.

so i thought i’d follow that smell down to the beach.

n’ on my way mate, you shoulda seen the babes.

what all ova the place,

left, right

and in the middle.

it was wicked.

in the distance i could hear this beat sort of…

buildin’ up.

in the background people screamin’ at the tops of their voices.

it was an amazin’ feelin’.

the sun was shinin’.

it was shinin’ so fuckin’ bright i had to put my sunglasses on dint i?

yeh, so,

yeh so that was the way it was on that




i entered the center of the hullamaboo.

those people were gettin’ down man!

they were movin’ their bodies.

there were so many gyrating bodies, getting down.

and they were getting down

to that phat dope shit.

oh yeh, i’ve had some of that.

so i thought “right it’s time to go home”.

but on the way i nick a bottle of vodka off somebody…innit?

yyyeah. take the taste away of all the sweet shit i had the evenin before.

so i did.

and as i was going to the bar,

to nick the splash,

this baby grabbed me between the legs

and pulled me back on to the dancefloor,

cuz she wanted me and only me

to get down with her

to that PHATDOPE….SHIT….


“By The Power Of Truth, I, While Living, Have Conquered The Universe”.

“The above quote, from Faust (and quoted in V For Vendetta), I think encapsulates the power we Embody as we take responsibility for our lives and manifest that which we truly desire by the conscious application of the Law Of Attraction…

This is the Great Secret that has been suppressed throughout the ages.

This is the Great Truth by which we can all live the life we are born to live, the life we wish to live and we deserve to live.

The Universe we live in is a Universe of abundance, there is no lack, no limitation, other than the lack or limits we impose upon ourselves, by the power of our thoughts and the Law Of Attraction… That which we think, is that which will be our experience… every time, for every one, absolutely no exception.

The Universe is your catalog, choose with care, and by the power of truth and the Law Of Attraction, bring all you desire into your life.

Dwell only upon your desires and they will be attracted into your life.

The wealthy have always known this and have created the life they desire. Now it is for all to know and apply. It is happening regardless of whether you believe it or not, so if you want changes in your life, change what you are predominantly thinking about and watch what occurs in your experience.

Think of Health, Happiness and Prosperity and you will have them…

Think of sickness, sorrow, and lack, and you will have them. It is up to each of us to control what we think, and as we do so, we attract accordingly."


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