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Roland Sandor, a fresh newcomer to the electronic dance music scene, was born in Romania, but spent his early childhood in Austria. At the age of 11, he moved to Hungary where he is living now.

“After all these changes in my life, I have such a different definition of home. I found home in those people who I love and who are always around me. That means really home for me. No matter where you’re living right now or where you were born…”

The story began in Austria. As a kid, he was watching artists on music channels who were making electronic dance music at that time. After moving from Austria to Hungary, he faced some identity problems.

“It was so difficult to learn a completely new language at that age, and I often felt like an outsider. This was one of the hardest periods of my life. I was listening to a lot of electronic music then.”

Only two years ago he decided to enter the world of electronic music production. After dealing with Ableton for a year, he managed to create his first tracks. In March 2011, he released his first EP entitled “Changes”. This piece of work was followed by a co-production with the Hungarian rock band Descados, which resulted in a successful release and a remarkable music video.

“The fruitful project with Descados has clearly showed how open I am for working together with artists from all music genres. There is so much passion in their song, so I just had to add my own ideas to it. I’m really happy and thankful that I could make my own interpretation of it.”

His name is becoming more and more popular in the field of electronic dance music. He is continuously working on loads of new projects, including remixes and collaborations. Being ambitious and workaholic, he is truly on the way to make his dream come true that he could share wonderful music with wonderful people around the world.

“Electronic music is a worldwide language and I’m so proud that I’m able to create something unique that can be understood around the globe. This is a long process involving a lot of practice and development, but day by day I’m getting closer to find my own sounding. My major goal is to create something personal and share it with others. I hope that my work has a lot to say for many people.”

His tracks always describe a story or depict feelings therefore his works are not only pieces of banging electronic dance music, but also representations of plenty of emotions. Keep an eye on this guy, because he will have numerous surprises in the future…