Roland Clark House Music’s Songsmith /Producer/ Deejay and Vocalist Past Aliases: Digital Pimps, South Street Player, Urban Soul/Dark Clark/and his latest alter ego Jesus J... read more
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Location: Atlanta, United States United States
Genre: House, Progressive House
Labels: 67495428, Big Love, Clubstar, d:vision records, Defected Records, Delete Global Records, Delete International Records, Delete Music Group, Dualism Records, Estereo Recordings, Exploited, Floor Jams, Fluential, Foliage Records, Golden Needle, Groove On, Hed Kandi Records, Hell Yeah, Henry Street Music, HOME RECORDINGS, Inhouse, ITH (Defected In The House), Jellybean Soul, King Street Sounds, Launch, MN2S Recordings, Need2Soul Music, Nervous Old Skool, Nite Grooves, Purple Music, Raisani Records, Skint Records, Songflow Beats, Soul Heaven, Soulgasm Music, Stingily Music, Street King, Strictly Rhythm, The Clubbers, Tiger Records, Toolroom Records, Ultra Records, Vega Records, Vudu Records, Weirdo Recordings, Zulu Records

Roland Clark House Music’s Songsmith /Producer/ Deejay and Vocalist Past Aliases: Digital Pimps, South Street Player, Urban Soul/Dark Clark/and his latest alter ego Jesus Jackson which pegged the 3rd season opening of Greys Anatomy song “ Running On Sunshine”: Roland Clark is also featured vocalist on many Fatboy Slim releases. His voice is sometimes described as wildly erotic, soulful, loving, and deep. On Fatboy Slim’s “Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars,” several tracks are indelibly imprinted with Roland’s lines, especially the undeniable track, “ What Da Fuck &“Song for Shelter.” On “Shelter,” Roland Clark, extemporizes a beat poet paean to house music, exalting it as a haven of real-deal family values in a hostile world, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper He goes on, word-jazzing about how its rhythm “goes in my blood like alcohol, gets me drunk” All you hip hoppers, you doo woppers, name droppers, you pill poppers – come into OUR house to get deep! “Song for Shelter,” a Fatboy Slim masterpiece, would lose its soul without Clark’s blissful babble about dancers with “wings for feet” and Jesus being a DJ. The track is a gorgeous vision of disco heaven, and Roland Clark’s parts are at the heart of it all. Roland’s voice proliferates throughout the realm of House Music, and his Midas Touch seems to be constant: if you can get Roland on your track, its going to be magic. Roland also carved himself a nice slice of house music’s pie with his phenomenal deejaying and production skills. His contributions infuse many artists best works, including Armand Van Helden’s gorgeous “Flowerz.” Not surprising, though it is another track blessed by the voice of Roland Clark. Quite simply, Roland Clark has carved-out his place in history as the voice of House Music. Quote: “If House is a nation, I wanna be president!” ( DJ Roland Clark) much like a undeniable storm working with such deejays and other producers much like himself such as Todd Terry, Kenny Dope, Mark Knight, Bad Boy Bill, Meat Katie, Sandy Rivera , Terry Hunter and Rodger Sanchez, Noir, Soul Dynamic, George Morel, and Erick Morillo just to name a few.. Roland sounds if need be compared would be much like a chameleon going from a soulful sultriness to a hard house and techno. He has been sometimes pegged as the Nate Dogg of house, or house music’s loriette.. But whatever his title or which hat he has on that day be sure that this man is just beginning after all these years and will be a force to be reckoned with in the now and future



Roland Clark