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He was arrested at Amsterdam airport. His live set was interrupted during a heavy police raid that made national news in North America. Being the result of a birth control experiment in the late 70’s, he has no sense of domestic behavior. No guilt, no breaks, no chance of a normal life. Born under the sun in a trailer parks outdoor gutter, this guy is for real. Make no mistake, there is no chance you will find a mind that is more twisted and surreal… Enter the world of Rokcity.

Based in Salt Lake City, artist/producer Rokcity has toured the world performing and mixing his unique brand of Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Filthy House and Electro music. Taking his considerable skills to the next level, in 2011 Rokcity formed his self-titled record label as the exclusive outlet for his ferocious and filthy brand of Electronic music.

“Putting out MY music through industry channels was pushing me to be more commercial,” says Rokcity. “But I’m not about compromise. So I gave the industry the finger and formed my own label. Now I can release MY music MY way.”