Born in Prague, Czech republic (on Mai 21, 1981) Roice indulged his passion for music from a young age, blowing all the money from his paper round on records. His mum won a computer when he was 10, “So as a little kid I was writing my own Basic programmes, and learnt about the technology from there.” He progressed from making the usual tapes for his friends, put together on a cheap set of decks that he wore out learning to mix, after discovering his uncle experimenting with different sequences on his computer. “I was so amazed at what he was doing, since that moment I’ve been addicted to creating music!” .In 2005 Roice became interested in house music while watching the Dutch TV item TMF the Djs. Roice was convinced he wanted to become a Dj himself when he watched the Djs playing in the clubs, in front of a wild audience. He realized this was what wanted as well! He immediately bought two turntables, a mixing console and records and he got going. A few one later, in 2006, he was noticed by the popular Club in Czech republic an Club Revolution, Tunel Club in Germany where he became one of the resident deejays. His style develops into a qualitative but accessible uplifting Tech Trance style containing some tribal influences. Roice has a lot of potential, and besides that he is just someone who followed his dreams and is working very hard to achieve what he always wanted; producing his music and playing all over the world while the audience is going MAD!