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DJ Rogier (34) made the acquaintance with the turntables at an early age. Only 15 years old, he allready started to get the feeling of the art of mixing inspired by the music influences at the time: The Belgian danceflow Newbeat and the first American House Records. At that early age he was an autodidact learning the skills at school parties and private parties mastering the vinyl and the mixing gear. Therefore he soon reached a more professional level.

In the weekends he ended up at some danceclubs in Breda like the Exq’s (1988 – 1990) and the Spock (1990 – 1995), where he mixed along with Breda’s finest house DJ, DJ Tisto.

In the period of 1995 – 1997 not only did he work in Breda but he also learned to know the dance scene in other places in the benelux. Among other places, he worked in “4 East” (Oldenzaal, Holland), " Le Baroc"(Antwerp,Belgium) untill he was discovered by the afterhour club Dino’s (Amsterdam) and settled there as resident DJ. He’s been working there for a total of 5 years. After that, Rogier became a resident deejay at one of Rotterdam’s best underground clubs, Club Revolution.

Later Rogier is also seen leading the turntables at another exquisite global concept: " Pacha" what before had been the “Maastheater” in Boompjes, Rotterdam. The Pacha franchise counts 70 disco’s world wide where young people who feel to old for the ordinary disco’s, the 25 year old, search for an exclusive, trendy and modern dance facility. An " Hedonistic venue" and an agenda with as top priority clubhouse demand skillfull DJ’ s.. Rogier has got what it takes and is obviously a permanent member of the Pacha-staff.

A lot of big but also more centered dance and lounge parties have made the acquaintance with the outstanding technical skills of DJ Rogier. It’s his technique that makes of him one of the world’s finest. Along with his powerfull and agile ability to control the mixing panel comes also the ability to control the crowds by means of his excellent music choice. This is part of his intuitive ability to choose the right record at the right time and so lead the crowd to a state of total extase.

That particular feeling and maintaining this throughout the set, is certainly Rogier’s most powerfull weapon. Rogier knows his way around the mixing panel providing the right touch felt by dance-squads all over the world.

That is why Rogier keeps permanently representing his sound in exclusive clubs in the country and abroad.

He’s resident at club Revolution Rotterdam ,and at Nightlife Breda.

His reputation has reached even further throughout the last couple of years. Here a few places that had Rogier as a guest: KU (Benidorm Spain 1996/1997/2002), in Industria (Oporta Portugal 1998), in Disco XL (Malaga Spain 1999), in Buddha Bar & Goa ( Thessaloniki Greece 2001), Enigma &Palladium(Acapulco Mexico 2001) and in Scoop (Eilat Israel 2002),iT Kreta (Greece),Global Connextion Beirut (Libanon 2005).

DJ Rogier tends to extend his creativity and is doing at the moment some studio work.