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Roger Moorehouse

San Francisco, United States


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Roger started DJing in 1995 not for the perks of being a DJ but for the love of the music. At the time Good House Music could not be found on CD singles as all of it was on vinyl, so as his collection of tracks grew so did his interest in DJing. Quickly gaining popularity within the local house scene, he focused on the Hard House Scene in California where he performed at many of the underground parties in California and went on to host a weekly show at a local underground radio station (the X 92.9) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has since turned his interest to the San Francisco deep house sound that he loves today. Because of his hard house background, he brings you the Deep Soulful House vibe with the energy of Funky Hard House. Roger is getting the attention of house music lovers abroad, by playing new favorites, timeless classics and the occasional on the fly remix. Roger will have you tapping your feet, nodding your head and drawing you to the dance floor. His passion for House Music is what fuels his dedication to the scene. Always working hard to take House Music to the next level.

Influenced by a wide variety of DJs and Music Roger brings you the very best in Soulful, Tribal, and Funky House always drawing from the vibe of his crowd and playing the best song for the moment.