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Roger Goode

Johannesburg, South Africa


Electric Sushi, Tsunami
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Since his initial breakthrough onto the South African music scene in 2001 with his award winning track, ‘In the Beginning’, Roger has continued to evolve with the music culture, both locally and internationally.

Roger’s success is largely due to his eccentric and energetic approach to radio and production. The Saturday Surgery, over the years, has continued to be an almost one-on-one experience with each listener; a musical conversation and a sharing of tastes. His on-air liveliness and presence is tangible and translates into what seems like a private party in each listener’s home.

Part and parcel of the Surgery’s ongoing success is Roger’s unbridled passion and excitement for new sounds. He spends much of his time sourcing the latest in hot tracks, despite genre, culture or popular opinion. Roger breaks down boundaries, seamlessly incorporating multiple musical fields into one fluid, heart racing mix – week after week.

With his beginnings in house music, Roger often branches out into dubstep, drum and base, old school rock, trance and even something popular and typically mainstream. Roger cannot be defined by conventional standards which is what makes each Saturday a unique listening experience. His adaptable approach ensures he is always tuned in, discovering obscure musical gems and thriving on diversity.

Apart from the time and effort Roger invests in his shows and music, He also runs a successful business which includes, voiceovers, radio commercial production, event planning and cd production.

Roger enjoys working on remixes of local artists and is passionate about amalgamating genres, demonstrating that artists can cross boundaries to appeal to a wider range of musical tastes. He has been instrumental in the growth of many local talents. Roger believes in featuring homegrown DJs on his shows in an effort to both showcase amazing local achievements as well as assist in the development and exposure of these young careers.

Roger tours the country extensively, rarely spending free time at his home in Johannesburg, to play alongside local and international acts across South Africa.

As we past Roger’s 6th Saturday Surgery album, one thing is abundantly clear – Roger is an artist, whose staying power is dictated, not by popularity or conformity, but by his sheer adoration and passion for sound.

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