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Rodrigo Franchin (AKA DJ Rods) began his interest with music soon during childhood. DJing for more than 10 years, he rather and aving aside labels and genres that could be applied to his style. Ranging from house to tech-house and techno his approach is leaded specially by the “groove” which is accompanied intensely by powerful beats. In constant interaction with the dance floor Rods uses all his technique and feeling making each performance a unique moment.

As a DJ, he has been seen in many important dedicated electronic music projects, as, Susi in Transe that was resident of After Hours Sunrise, and ALoca Club considered the mainstays of electronic music underground in São Paulo. It also features constantly in the most popular clubs in Brazil, as D-Edge, SPKZ, Vegas Club, Delux.e Club, Clash Club, Mary Pop Club, Level Club, Café Curaçao, that are just a few could be mentioned.

On his first tour in Europe, August 2010, he played on Le Batofar (Paris-France), Zul Club(Bilbao – Spain), Sala Escada (Medina del Campo – Spain) and Juraskie (Poraj – Poland). On September 2011, Rods played at Juakina Club, Electrofloor in Ramon Mejia, Argentina.

Rods is a mentor and resident dj of F.E.V.E.R®, recognized electronic music party with editions in clubs as Pacha São Paulo and Club Ice which presented top djs such as Oliver Klitzing (GER), Jokke ilsoe (DEN), Pornbugs (GER), Holgi Star (GER ), Cold Rob (USA), Phil Dark (FRA), Anderson Noise (BRA), Renato Cohen (BRA), Pet Duo (BRA), DJ Marky (BRA), and many others.

As a producer, Rods, is a member of the duo X Project with his friend dj Andee with tracks released by Minus Mal’s Record, Bralli Records, MDS Digital and This Beats Records.