Rodrigo Dp Beatport


Rodrigo Dp is a Dj/Producer that started with the electronic music at 14 years old (Year 2004). He’s one of the youngest Argentinean electronic music artists. His first performance as a resident was in 2004 in Club New Age, a disco that was one of the most important in Cordoba. After that, Rodrigo Dp became known locally and he had performances in many more discos and raves as dj guest like Resident Club New Age temporada 2003,2004. Resident Urban Club, Resident Ciclo Summer Warm Up, Shatt, Lokitas, Juan Bravo, Boca de Lobo, Keops (c. pz), Spring Festival 2005 (c. pz), Spring Festival 2007 (isla crisol), Complejo La Barra, La Gioconda, La Morena (villa allende), Eh Parking, Delektro (villa mara), Bombai Disco (la falda), Molino Rojo (c. pz), Bilbao, Aura (villa allende), Batteau Hipdromo, Pobre Diablo, Fly, La Costa, Meet, Play, Kytano, O2, etc., and one of his productions (My Black Smoke) sounded in Paraguay, EEUU And Brazil by Yoshitoshi records (Southmen, E Flux and Arcari). His musical styles are Minimal Techno and Techno Club House based on artist like Florian Meindl, Tractile, Heerhost & Meissner, Alex Under, Pier Bucci, Mark Houle, Richie Hawtin, Mark Romboy, Mark & John, etc. Now, Rodrigo Dp has performances in local discos and raves that are successful and with a lot of people.