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Rome, Italy

Glamnight Records, Gomma, La Belle
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  • DHA FM Mix #437 by Jason Peters

    Jason Peters (formerly known as JP Soul) is a veteran dj/producer from San Francisco most know...

    Mon 24th June 8 AM
  • Amevicious 'Lost In Love'

    DJ and production duo Slow Porn—made up of Meant Records label boss Remain and fellow Frenchman a...

    Mon 13th February 4 AM
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Born along the Sputnik orbit,

Rodion is a casiocore funker,

launched in space to discover brand new worlds

between psychedelic disco music and russian romanticism.

During his interstellar wandering,

Rodion absorbed the right dose of Italo and Cosmic radiations

and found himself into the bizarre galaxy of the german label Gomma.

Rodion live plastic keyboards

are sustained by the evil bass guitar of his trusted mate TSO,

for a sweaty space-disco live experience.

expect them to sooner or later visit a ballroom close to your hometown…