The dj RODDY ALIEN is connected to psychedelic scene since 2002, when he frequented many parties all around Brazil, started producing small psytrance events in Sata Catarina’s beaches and became partner in some night clubs. So he had the opportunity to learn his firsts moves as a DJ.

In 2005 he decided to do something really big to satisfy his huge love with psytrance. He went to Madrid and associated as a DJ in one of the most respected psytrance centers in Spain.

In 2006, he coordinated lots of parties during the summer in Ibiza island. Due to his great performances and technical precision in the sets, he shared the stage with internationally known artists, and played in big Spain clubs and festivals. In 2007 and 2008 he play in several countries in Europe and South America and his second season of parties in Ibiza, working in association with some of the most important psychedelic trance producers, Spectral Records.

During all the time, he have been fighting to keep as “UNDERGROUND” as possible, having his super dancing NIGHT FULL ON SET.