Top 50k on The DJ List


Bergen, Norway

House, Tech House


Dj Rodchi began to develop his passion for music at a very early age. DJ’a practice takes him to his first appearance in one of the clubs when he was only 17 years old, and despite his young age, continued to keep clicking different club and Radio Stations

In 2002, he was offered a residency at a club in Europe, One of the biggest club night in Bergen, Norway. Which he accepted, and spent the summer playing music for the One Club and several more of that city.

Dj Rodchi is why when he decided to travel to Spain to begin his first tour as a DJ.

After his successful trip to that country decided to start heading to Germany with the intention to internationalize his career which tube the opportunity to visit several clubs in that country having the opertunity to click on several of them and in a couple of big events they recognize worldwide as Love Parade. When he returned to Norway Rodchi Dj receives several offers from several of that country club by clicking on several of them.

Dj is how Rodchi receive another invitation to travel to Paris debut at the Club most important of the city and invited to participate as Guest DJ in a massive event waiting for the new year under the Arc de Triomphe.

Dj Rodchi and His experience as dj has developed him to play all kind of stiles specially in 70s, 80s 90s, dance, trance, house, pop, chill out, R & B, Hip Hop, Euro Dance, Electro House, Hard Style, Hard house, Etc .

Today, Rodchi is in Norway, Bergen working on his own studio on the creation of his own remix, and editing, having a full agenda of presentations at various clubs in Europe.