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A Berlin techno DNA, Rock ’n Roll. Shaken, not stirred.

From the deep and wicked roots of the true berlin club landscape, the now Singapore-based underground advocate Rodaq has pinned his place on the map and bears wildly explicit and colourful electronic tips across the shores. Brilliantly allotting his sound on music enthusiasts from Europe and over to the Pacific, the delivery of a hypnotic and twisted, yet energizing tech session has been the laser beam vision of the German born DJ since his first days. From the vinyl aeon to the digital revolution, there is no boundary for Rodaq.

Rodaq’s journey has encompassed an incredible electronic exhibition where the early hedonistic days of Love Parade, Tresor, Ostgut, Berghain, Panorama Bar and Bar 25 cemented his passion for only the best in techno and deeper house. Now with South-East Asia at his fingertips, Rodaq has the ability to share his passion across an appreciative re-emerging techno sub-culture in this region and beyond.

With the Berlin techno DNA instilled in his veins, the road ahead for Rodaq remains mysterious, naughty and with a hint of electronic madness trembling between the walls.