Top 25k on The DJ List

Roby Mannarini

Taranto, Italy

Tech House

ACT72 Records, BDivision, Beatwork Records
Roby Mannarini Beatport


Roby first venture into the club scene came at an early age where everything about the the scene fascinated him from the fresh banging sound of electronic beats to the enchanting light, he was officially on the night train.

Thanks to a friend of his, a then manager of a local radio station, Roby was able to spend all his free time with talented djs and musicians, which inevitably made him realize that his future would be solely in the music industry as a Dj and producer. By intensely observing these artists in their various skills way he picked up the art of mixing vinyl.

From here on in the world was his oyster the vinyl his shell.

His first public appearance was at the age of 16 in a local club in Taranto (borsalino club, south Italy) and from there managed to secure a residency every Sunday afternoon, all this attention and unexpected success was a huge satisfaction and he was overwhelmed when a local radio radio station asked for him to work in collaboration with them.

Through this his connection with Italian radio will always remain a strong bond, which saw him share the decks with the infamous DJ FLASH who won world champion DMC.

later he organized the ‘DIABOLIKA’ Party a very well know national network where he played with the likes of artists such as Gianluca Motta, Ricky Montanari, Alex Neri,Hector Romero, Joy Salinas and many more well known artists in the Italian scene. He has even ventured down the road Production which saw him do a remix for the Warner Bros.