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ROBOPUNX Biography

Robopunx started at the beginning of 2012 through the twisted minds of two producers from the UK. Both veterans in the field of music, having played in bands, DJ’ed and travelled around the world, the two have now come together to unleash a fury of electro dance music for the masses.

Since the start of their career, Robopunx have gained the support of many producers and DJs around the world such as: Designer Drugs, Datsik, F Tampa, F.O.O.L., Fatso, Alex Mind, Vandal, StereoHeroes, The S, The Oddword, Hantise, Neus, Cally & Juice, Ill Saint M, Monolythe, Far Too Loud, The Boomzers, You Killing Me and some of their tracks have already been played in various festivals, radio and been included in several compilations.

Watch out, Robopunx smash heads with their Electro House bangers!

for any info/promo/rmx request/booking contacts us at [email protected]

GET READY to be RobopunX’ed!!!!


°Robopunx – Aftershock EP – Royal One Records w/ rmxs by Vandal & WASA3I

°Robopunx – Robomonster feat. Whiskey Pete – Royal One Records w/ rmxs by Stereoheroes & Vandal


°Bakinzedayz – Solid Groove (Robopunx Remix) – aLLriGhT Records

°Electromind – To The Stars (Robopunx Remix) – Cool Music Records

*YAGO – Another Clutter (Robopunx Remix) – Atollo UK Records