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Robin G is a young producer from Germany.

He mainly makes Electro,Progressive House, Drum&Bass and Dubstep Music.

He started producing in summer 2010 with Fl Studio.

Now he releases music all around the world under the artist name “Robin G” and is signed to music labels like Burn Up Records, House Divison Records, R.I.O.T Records, CongaRecords, Minus Mal’s Records, Tulum Records, Lyon Echo Records, Finest House Music and a lot more.

Also he is supported from DrumNBass.NET and House.NET.

With his friend D. Stollenwerk he started DJ’ing in 2012 ( ).

If you want to collab send me a message.


-Rescue Me (with Stereo Blaster feat. Margo Gontar) (OUT NOW On Burn Up Records)

-Thinking Of Summer (OUT NOW on Tulum Records)

-Plucked Waves (OUT NOW on Tulum Records)

-In Time (OUT NOW on CongaRecords)

-Silence (feat. Dune Tran) (OUT NOW on CongaRecords)

-Hard Time (OUT NOW on CongaRecords)

-Change It Easily (New World)(ft. Margo Gontar) (OUT NOW on CongaRecords)

-Porn (Robin G Remix) (OUT NOW on CongaRecords)

- I’m Dancing Into Your Sight (ft. Dani The Girl) (OUT NOW on CongaRecords)

-Voice Of The Voiceless (with Facebreakaz) (Out NOW On CongaRecords)

-Hojasan (Robin G Remix) (OUT NOW On CongaRecords)

-Tears (Robin G Remix) (OUT NOW On CongaRecords)

-New Generation (OUT NOW On CongaRecords)

-A Another Day Of My Life (OUT NOW On CongaRecords)

-Im A Freak (Robin G Remix) (OUT NOW on Minus Mal’s Records)

-Reasons (Robin G Remix) (Coming Soon on Minus Mal’s Records)

-Robin G EP (Coming Soon on Minus Mal’s Records)

-For A Good Time EP – 1. The Style Of Soaring 2. Limitless (OUT NOW on Lyon Echo Records)

-We Lov Thiz Music EP (OUT NOW on Lyon Echo Records)

-Thoughts Of Life (Coming Soon on R.I.O.T Records)

Greetings from Germany

Robin G