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Roberto Intrallazzi

Milano, Italy

Electronica, Minimal

Cube Recordings, Ocean Trax, Reshape
Roberto Intrallazzi Beatport


Roberto Intrallazzi is one the most important musician in the world, if you think about the music that makes you dance. Why? It’s easy to say this. After ‘piano and rock and roll style’ invented by Jerry Lee Lewis in 50’s, nobody really used the piano as main instrument in dance music until FPI Project released Rich In Paradise in the early nineties. The riff of the song simply started the ‘piano house revolution’. After that Roberto chose not to walk into an easy path and became one the most important djs in the electronic-house music scene. He recently produced, together with Luca Provera, The Pleasure is All Mine, the new album from the house legend Kym Mazelle. His latest remix, produced with his friend Luca Provera, is Just Put Down Your Foot and Pray from Tom Neville and Gee More. Roberto usually spins the top club in Europe and Italy: between them, Bolgia (Bg, Italy).