Roberto De Carlo Beatport


He is called the soulful diamond from Switzerland…

…Roberto De Carlo – often we are asked, if this is his artist name. No, it is his real name. If there is a real artist behind it answers his music. Born in 1979 the Swiss-based south-Italian puts all his temperament into his vocation and that is not only heard by the party-crowd. Everybody listening to his sound quickly realizes his honest passion.

Roberto was always fascinated by the clubscene, probably because of his father who was the owner of the legendary ‘TIVOLINO’ nightclub in the mid-eighties and where he stood at the early age of 6 for the first time.

As a teenager inspired by the sounds Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T. and Brian Tappert, Roberto started to work the turntables and collected his first DJ-experiences in 1995 at the age of 16.

Due to his convincing Dj-Sets Roberto soon was invited to play at various Swiss and international top-locations, such as the ‘Pravda’ Luzern, Switzerland, ‘Kaufleuten’ Zurich, Switzerland, ‘Studio Club’ and ‘Airport’ Wuerzburg, Germany, or ‘Republic Cafe’ Salzburg, Austria.

Roberto will always stay true to his motto – Only Soulful Music. With his precise technique and his inimitable sound with a touch of Soul, Jazz and Latino, he gets every location into the right positive mood.

In 2000 Roberto started to produce in his own RDC-Studios. Already two years later he worked in several projects and with different musicians. In 2003 he released his first remix under the project-name ‘Souldrops’ on the renowned top-label ‘Purple Music’. Followed by own productions in 2004, including ‘Freedom’ together with the ‘soul-diva from Brooklyn’ Inaya Day or the first ‘One Touch ’Ready’ together with ‘The Soul Voice’ Colin Corvez Rich from the ‘Peppermint Jam’ imprint. In the same year GOGO Music released Roberto De Carlo remix of ‘Seek ’Everafter’.

2005 is a much promisong year for the artist: GOGO Music will release his single ‘Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua ’Soulful Things’ and two remixes ‘Toni Sea meets Ralf GUM ’Beautiful’ and ‘Inaya Day and Dennis Le Grey ’Try me’. On Purple Music will follow more songs by ‘One Touch’.

Be expectant ‘Only Soulful Music’.