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Robert Smit

Robert Smit Beatport


Robert started buying records at an early age when he met Ferry Corsten and found out that they shared the same interest: House Music. Both started mixing tapes for friends when they met Rene and John who had their own small music studio. The four joined forces which resulted in Robert’s first record production entitled “Spirit of Adventure” for Hithouse Records at the age of 18. The 2nd release “Tellurians – The Navigator” was a huge underground hit in Germany in 1992. From then on Ferry and Robert went their own way with productions for Blue Records under the name of Alternative and Bladeracer. Robert’s first solo project appeared in 1995 under the name Kcrushed One he produced “Release yourself” and “Fet=m” for the Dutch label Native Dance Records and SciFi Records. His first commercial success was when Robert produced together with Ferry “Roef-Outthere” for Byte Records.

From 1998 Robert and Ferry – together with the Dutch Purple Eye Productions – joined forces in Tsunami, a label for which they both A&R and produce. For this label Robert is responsible for Elektrika, The Generator and 2HD. Due to success of the label abroad they started Polar State in the beginning of 1999 as Tsunami’s sub-label.

The first and second release on this label were produced by Robert. The first “Generator-Where are you now?” has been licensed to various countries around the world.

Under the Caveman pseudonym Robert has produced the massive “E-play” track which has now been released on the Tsunami special blend label. Also out on Tsunami Special Blend Smiter with “Both Places”.

Furthermore Robert made a mix compilation album together with Ferry Corsten called Tsunami One.