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If you visit a club it probably won’t be too long before you are hearing one of Robert’s productions. Robert is currently one of the most highly sought after producers of the moment. His productions also appear on nearly every dance CD that hits the shops. There’s no escaping this guy, he’s here to stay.

Robert’s background is a multi-national affair, Father from England, Mother from Norway, born in England and now living in Holland. But it’s Holland that has really gave him his musical influences. Holland is renowned for it’s Dance Music scene. His first production with Dave Masters “Masters & Nickson – 5th Dimension” was first picked up by Dutch legend Armin Van Buuren who subsequently gave the listening world their first taste of Robert when he played “5th Dimension” on his weekly ID&T radio show “A State of Trance” Armin loved the tune so much that he signed it to his Armada label, where it then went on to rock the dance floors of numerous clubs across the globe. It featured on many compilations such as Godskitchen Worldwide.

Modest in his approach and his dedication unnerving, it’s hard to believe that Robert’s 23 years old and in between his productions and DJing he holds down a College Course. His own very high standards ensure that his productions are sure to set the dancefloor on fire. With this he has earned the respect of his fellow producers. Robert’s remix list grows longer by the week. His remix of “Endre – Kallocain” being such an example. Featured on compilation after compilation. Robert’s collaboration’s with Perry O’Neil under the guises True Form and also Mind have taken a fresh sound to the masses. Keeping them praying for more.

From all this you’d be mistaken for thinking that Robert has been around for years. In fact, it was only two years ago that he first sprung onto the scene. Which shows how much hard work Robert has truly put in. Time flies when you’re having fun as they say.

Robert’s work is not going unnoticed by those at the top either and there’s no better sign of how well things are going, than getting the support of artists such as Armin, Scott Bond, Lange and Paul Van Dyk who continue to support the work that he does.

The biggest highlight so far of Robert’s career is DJing at Fabrik in Madrid. In front of a crowd in excess of 7,500 Robert showed the people that not only does he know how to make the music but he knows how to play it too. His DJing style is the same as his productions, beautiful trance that holds the crowd and whisks them into a frenzy. With his bookings growing and his name spreading across the continent it looks like the coming months are only going to get busier for Robert.

“When you die and go to trance heaven, this is what they’ll be playing in the arrivals lounge” Mixmag February 2004.