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Robert Mah

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Electro House, Electronica

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Hailing from Kuala Lumpur where he got his early dj training, Robert has over ten years of spinning experience under his belt! Now based in Johor Bahru, he spins a collection of mainstream R&B and House tunes. His passion for dance music started very early in his career mainly influenced by his hunger for live audiences and club revellers!

His passion took him across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand & Indonesia where he played gigs and dinner functions. An enrolment for a course in radio presentation skills landed him in Mediacorp Radio Academy and to a residency stint in Singapore.

Always the passionate fiend for dance tunes, he experimented in remixes for his own spinning purposes and the dance clubs loved them! Besides churning out dance tunes at the decks, Robert also has a solid resume of being an adept Master Of Ceremony for formal events. Be it a children event, a Royalty event or even a dance party, he has seen them all!